Born 1939, Vienna/Austria

1974 Co-founder of the "Viennese Artists Circle" (Wiener Künstlerkreis)

1977 Founder of the "Modena Art Gallery" together with the painter Herbert W. Herrgött

until 1986 worked in Vienna, had several exhibitions and commisions

until 1986 Traveller in the matter of art, first stop was in Carrara/Italy
Workted toghther with Janos Strike in a marble-quarry on his own sculptures

1987-1990 Seconds stop: Izmir - Tire (Turkey), Studio in Tire Commisioned work,large marble and small onyx sculptures

1991 Back to Vienna

1993 Founder of the studio "Künette",organising various exhibitions for othe artists.

1996 Foreign exhibitions in the german gallery "Freie Kunst".and at the "Interart" Denmark with his project "Hand signals"

1997 Exhibitions: Festwochenprogramm im"Atelier Künette",
Haus Wittgenstein (Wien),
Therme Loipersdorf (Styria) and.
St. Tropez (France)

1998 Exhibitions: Festwochenprogramm im"Atelier Künette",
Kalke Village beimHundertwasserhaus (Wien),
Galerie.Heuriger Plos (Nö.),
Exhibitions at Künette : "AN .LAVENDL HAM MA NO",
Kunsterlebnismesse " ArtView .&Performance"(Salzburg/Bergheim),

1999 Contesting "Grand prix d´art de la ville de Brignoles"/France

Exhibitions:"Vitale Philusionen" Brussels / Belgium; Heizhaus Vienna; ArtView & Performance"(Salzburg/Bergheim)

2000 Contesting "Grand prix d´art de la ville de Brignoles"/France, 2nd place

Exhibitions: 2000 - 2005


Wiener Künstlerkreis 1974


Modena Art Galerie mit H.W. Herrgöth 1977



"Leo Draxler is a thouronghly sincere and honest person. He did not choose the easy way through life, and his literaly worked very hard for decades on his art projects.
His subtle and keen understanding takes topically always humanistic and philanthropical themes, which induces him and allows him to express his uneasiness and his protests satirically in different ways and in varrious artistical forms.
His choice of material, the different style combinations, the interllectual loan, the bridge to antiquity and his culture philosophical views are not comparable to anything in this form in the history of art."

Expert en art / Paris


Kunstverein "Atelier Künette", Wildbadg. 1, A 1210 Vienna


Sculping in stone, wood, metal, etc.; .painter